V3.2.x / 2.8.x New Feature: Dual on-the-fly switchable Ignition Configuration

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The new firmware offers the ability to switch between two ignition configurations on the fly, via a driver-operated switch.

Enabling this feature is accomplished in two parts.


Wiring option switch

For 3.x controller hardware, the option input on the Molex connector is used to switch the ignition configuration. The active configuration is selected as follows:

Configuration 1: 0 volts present on Option Port Configuration 2: 5 volts present on Option Port

Note: there are multiple ways to enable the option port; presented are the approaches which require zero to minimal modification to the MJLJ PC board.

3.x MJLJ controller

MJLJ V3 wiring option switch.png

2.x MJLJ controller

To enable switchable maps on V2.x hardware, you will need to make a small patch on the MJLJ circuit board. Use the following as a guide:

MJLJ V2 option switch mod.png

V2 Option switch board mod.jpg

Enabling switchable ignition configuration

While connected to the MJLJ, open the "Global Controller Options" dialog by clicking "Tools / Global Controller Options". Enable the dual ignition config feature by clicking the check box.

Mjlj global config options.png

To commit the new settings, click Write options. Now the controller is configured for switching maps on the fly.

Verification of Ignition Map switching

After wiring your option switch and enabling the firmware for dual maps, you can verify it's operation by monitoring the configuration software. The Software will alert you when the ignition map is switched. You can configure the software's behavior when the map is switched by opening the dialog under 'Tools / Configurator Options".

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